Humbug Presidents Duties

The buck stops here

As President of HUMBUG you are ultimately responsible for the running of the club. In particular this means if an executive member can't or won't do their job for some reason it becomes the Presidents responsibility to ensure it happens.

Enforce the constitution

The President must ensure the Executive follows the Constitution in all matters in handles.

Chair meetings

If you aren't familiar with how a meetings should be run educate yourself. Googling the subject yields many resources.

Briefly, as chair your responsibilities and duties are:

  1. Ensure there is an agenda (typically prepared by the secretary).
  2. Formally open the meeting (by literally saying "the meeting is open").
  3. Ensure all proxies are declared (who proxied and who controls them) and recorded.
  4. Ensure there is a quorum present. If there isn't a quorum present the meeting should not have been opened.
  5. Ensure the meeting and in particular decisions taken at the meeting are recorded to the satisfaction of everyone present. (This is typically done by the secretary.) Ensure the meeting is paced so the person doing the recording has time to do their job well.
  6. Ensure all items on the agenda addressed.
  7. During the General Business agenda item invite all attendees at the meeting to raise additional points to be discussed.

  8. Ensure votes on motions are public and counted properly.
  9. Ensure everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to have their say. If the meeting becomes unruly there is a standard procedure can you follow to impose order.
    1. First announce you as chair have decided the format of discussion is isn't moving things forward, so you are imposing new rules on the discussion format. Clearly explain the rules that follow, and explain if an individual doesn't follow then you have the power to eject them from the meeting.
    2. The most important rule is only one person may speak (also known as holding the floor) at a time. Everybody else in the room must respect that persons right to express their opinion by remaining silent. The one exception to this is the chair itself, who may direct the person to speak only to the motion at hand, or terminate their right to the floor if they don't.

    3. If there isn't an motion pending invite (by raising of hands) an actionable motion from the floor (or propose one yourself).
    4. After the motion is raised, ask the other attendees (ie, not the proposer) to raise their hand if they want to speak to the motion.
    5. Each person who wants to speak on the motion is given one chance to take the floor and have their say.

    6. If a person speaking has a question it must be put to the chair, and the chair will invite answer(s) from the floor (again by raising hands). Answers must address the question asked only. After all answers are given the chair hands the floor back to the person who asked the question.
    7. After everyone who wishes to speak to the motion has done so, give the proposer is given the opportunity the final say.
    8. Take a vote on the motion.
    9. These rules apply to the chair, which can be very difficult if you are emotionally invested in the subject. If so it might be wise to hand over the chair to an independent third party for duration of the motion. This can be done at any time.
  10. The chair must formally close the meeting (again by literally saying "the meeting is closed"). If closing the meeting ends up being pre-mature don't be afraid to reopen it and address the forgotten points, then close it again. No one likes having meetings, particularly new meetings to address one forgotten point.

Communication with the Club

It is the president's job to ensure the club is being run the way the bulk of the members want, and to ensure they are aware of all contentious decisions and activities the Executive are making and doing on their behalf.

This is easy if things are chugging along as expected, as there is nothing to say.

It becomes difficult very quickly if things are going wrong. In that case it is the President's job to delivery a full, honest and timely account of the situation and how it came to be, and canvas the club membership for their collective opinions on how to proceed.

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