Humbug Secretary Duties

Recording Meetings



Follow Up

Room Bookings

The secretary is responsible for organising the room Humbug holds it's fortnightly meetings in. Currently this is done via emails to <EAIT Timetables <timetables AT eait DOT uq DOT edu DOT au>> in late December and late June to organise the next six months room bookings. They like us to provide a lot of non-obvious information in a particular format to make their job easier - look it up in the email archives for previous times we have done it.

All room booking correspondence must be CC'ed to <admin AT lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au> because things often go awry after the event and we need easily accessible proof of all arrangements made.

Notifying members of meetings

The secretary is responsible for maintaining the schedule of regular (ie fortnightly meetings) on the web site. This entails entering the proposed and confirmed rooms books as they are made, and updating the schedule to remove a meeting once it has happened. The secretary is response for keeping all details on this schedule up to date - including special events, and who is opening and closing.

When a regular fortnightly meeting won't be held the secretary must notify all members via the email lists in addition to updating the schedule on the web site.

It is also the secretaries job to fulfil our constitutions requirement to notify all members of upcoming Executive meetings (at least one week prior) and General Meetings (at least 2 weeks prior). We currently notify members by making a note on the meeting schedule on our web site, send our emails to our mailing lists.

Deal with club correspondence

It is the secretaries responsibility to monitor the clubs email addresses and lists for correspondence the Executive must deal with, and either reply directly or refer it to the Executive an the next meeting and reply as decided at the meeting.

The Executive should be copied on any outgoing correspondence, usually by CC'ing <admin AT lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au>.


The secretary's report at meetings follows this format:


10/10/2015 - two new members.

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