This page was created in the hope that it helps out the new Exec to update the signatories for the account. This page is open to the public, so it will only describe how you go about changing the signatures for the account and not disclose any account details.

Steps to Change the Signatures on the HUMBUG Account

  1. The change of Signature form is located in the money box or on the Commonwealth Bank website (A copy is Attached to this page). Each exec member who is to be a signatory for the account should fill out the form as best as they can. Do not fill in the signatures.

  2. You will also need the original minutes of the AGM signed by the President and Secretary. It must note what changes occurred at the AGM and in particular the section covering the election of the new Executive. Who was in there before the election and who now has their place.
  3. Take this to the bank and ensure that all of the people who will be signatories on the account are there so that they may sign the document in front of a bank representative. (JI: I'm reasonably certain we've done it in the past with the signatures already completed if the person is currently a signatory)
    • They will need 100 points of ID. The most common form will be an Australian Drivers license (with photo) or a proof of Age Card (again with photo) along with Medicare and ATM cards.
    • Best if you can do this all together however it can be done separately but the bank holds on to the form until the form has been completed before it process the signatures. (JI: I'm again reasonably certain that we've held onto the form between visits to the bank in the past, they stamped the form to indicate that they had checked the signatories details. This may have changed recently.)
  4. Wait. It normally takes a week to two weeks to process the new Signatures.


The best place to get this done is in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre as it is open on Saturday. The branch closes at 1pm. Parking there is shocking. I have been there twice and it can take upto 45min to get a park. So try and use public transport.