Talks Liaison

This role is becoming an increasing important role in HUMBUG. As we need to encourage new members the talks are a way of doing just that. These are your roles and responsibilities:

Getting People To Talk

Without willing speakers there will never be any talks. So your first major role is to encourage people to speak. This will involve the following:

  1. Solicit talks for HUMBUG meetings. This will involve asking of the general community for speakers to attend HUMBUG meetings as well as members of the club.
    • The current Exec will have a contact list that they should be able to pass onto you. Ask them for it. The main reason for this is to ensure privacy of our contacts as most of this website is open to the public we simply can't do that. The current Exec will be looking into a "Non Exec for Eyes only area" so it should in the end just be that you get added to that list and you can follow a link on this page.
  2. Accept requests for talks at HUMBUG meetings. Quite obvious really but please do.
  3. Encourage normal HUMBUG members to talk and to develop talk ideas. The Talks section of the HUMBUG website is designed with that in mind. Use it and maintain it.

Managing The Talks

As the talks liaison one of your roles is to manage the talk. At this current point in time we have setup a 6pm to 7pm time slot for talks. While you may want to vary the talk times it is probably best to keep the session times down to an hour or in unusual cases increase them to 2 hours. One of the big things you need to do is to work not only with the speaker but also with HUMBUG. It doesn't look good when you have too much and the crowd grumbles. So what should you do?

  1. Manage talk sessions and program. Make sure that speakers keep their talk to a times to acceptable limits and at acceptable times.
  2. Liaise with the speaker to make sure they can find their way to the HUMBUG venue. This might mean working with the Exec to make sure that parking and venue place is clearly marked on the website and direction on the website and signs are clear and concise.
  3. Ask what if any copyrighted material they have to find out what we can and cannot record onto video.
  4. HUMBUG also now has a camera. Use it to capture the talks. This is the hope that we can post videos of the talks online.
  5. There is a $20 bursary to provide external speakers with dinner afterwards. You will need to communicate with the Exec on this.
  6. Making sure that the speaker has everything they require or as much as possible:
    1. projector
    2. whiteboard
    3. whiteboard pens
  7. Where possible introduce the speaker
  8. Keep the audience quiet. This may mean tossing food to Gavin.
  9. Ask the audience to thank the speaker for their time. Give an applause.

Post Production

One of the big reasons why we have talks is that they encourage new members to the club and they help provide information to members. One of the best ways is to show that HUMBUG is a vibrant club. Hence on the website we not only have an area to when the talks are on but also pages containing information about what has been presented.

So what should you do post production:

  1. Ask the speaker for a copy the slides. This is so that we may post them to the HUMBUG website.
  2. Try to obtain as much information about what the speaker has talked about so that it can be posted online. This includes links to relevant websites as well as background information.
  3. Get the video edited and posted online. That will hopefully mean posting to the LCA website but for now that means creating and editing the video the creating a torrent. I'll post a howto soon for the HUMBUG video.

The End

Enjoy yourself.