Humbug Treasurer Duties

Process membership payments

The process is:

  1. A member signals their intention to renew their membership by filling the clubs Payments web page.

  2. This triggers an email to <exec AT NO SPAM humbug DOT org DOT au>, which the entire executive and thus the treasurer receives.

  3. The treasurer waits for payment to be received. If payment was done via PayPal this has already happened, otherwise for direct deposits you have to poll the internet banking site, and cash payments must be done in person. Until payment is received the membership renew isn't valid.

  4. The treasurer enters the new membership into the Humbug membership records, which are currently stored in a Google spreadsheet. (The body of the text attachment treasurer receives is formatted so it can be pasted directly into the Google spreadsheet.) When doing this the treasurer allocates a new receipt number to the payment.

  5. The treasurer sends a Receipt email to the making the payment, CC'ing it to <exec AT NO SPAM humbug DOT org DOT au> so the rest of the executive can see it has been done. The email notifying of the payment has been structured so hitting Reply All, tidying it up by removing any the quoting of the original text, and inserting the receipt number should be sufficient.

Membership renewals

It is the treasurers responsibility to send membership renewal reminder notices to people who were previously financial but aren't currently financial.

This is done twice a year: once just after the AGM and once again a month or so prior to the AGM.

Membership renewals are now done by a program (shell script) that lives in /srv/http/payments/ Usage is:

   $ ./
   usage: email-template recipients [debug-email]
   $ ./ Humbug-membership-renewal.mbox /tmp/addrs

The directory this shell script and the template files live in is a mercurial repository. Be sure to commit your changes after sending the email.

Manage the accounts

The task of ensuring each account has an appropriate level funds it in falls the treasurer.

Currently "appropriate level of funds" is:

Reporting at Meetings

The treasurer reports on the club's financial position. This consists of listing the following for each account Humbug maintains (including petty cash is any):

At the AGM the previous meeting is the previous AGM. For normal exec meetings it is the AGM or last exec meeting.

The treasurer is also responsible for reporting membership numbers. The report takes this format:

Finally list any notable events with respect to the bank accounts - like change of access.

Paying Bills

It is the treasurers responsibility to ensure all Humbug pays it's bills in a timely fashion. All payments are paid by bank transfer. Our constitution insists all expenditure must be approved by a unanimous vote of the executive before being done. The approval need not be for an exact amount. Up to $amount for the purpose of (something) is fine.


Humbug doesn't pay tax, or do tax returns. It is the treasurers responsibility to ensure all the paper is in order to ensure this happens. In particular he must ensure Humbug Tax File Number, 943 147 886, is recorded by the bank.

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