The Fourth R Workshop

The Fourth R Workshop is a proposal to run Open Source based workshops during the school semester break.

The venue would be The Edge, funding would come from Linux Australia.

The inspiration for this is the Catalyst Open Source Academy, see the 2012 presentation.

The name comes from a Washington Post article by Cathy N. Davidson coining the `fourth r' for algoRithm. Permission to use the term for the name of the workshop was gained via Twitter.


A week of exclusively Open Source workshops for twenty odd high school students. The facilitators of the workshops will be experts in their field. The workshops will all be designed for the participant to leave with a completed project by the end of the week, be it physical or software. We will run four/five workshops at a time so that each student gets a lot of contact time.



The first week of school holidays, Monday 25th June through to Friday 29th, Midday to Five pm.

QLD school holiday schedule


The Edge is the digital cultural centre of the State Library of Queensland. The Edge aims to provide the tools and knowledge required to create content, across a variety of fields, in the digital age. To this end The Edge runs workshops on a variety of technologies, many of them Open Source.

There are a number of physical spaces in The Edge that could be useful for the workshop, including a training lab, a physical lab and window bays.

Clinton has had a lot of involvement with The Edge over the past two years, including running workshops there. He has built up a fair bit of good will with the staff and has had a favourable first meeting regarding this workshop.


The intention is to obtain funding via a grant to Linux Australia's grant program. Clinton is currently on the council that decides on the grant proposals, and will obviously have to abstain from voting on this particular grant request. Most of the funding will go paying the facilitators, some to subsidise materials and some for catering.



Clinton Roy - Clinton is currently the treasurer of Humbug, an organiser of the Brisbane Python group and on the Linux Australia council. Clinton has a long association with the venue and has connections with a relevant local organisations.


Here will be the list of facilitators that get picked for the workshop.


We intend on reaching out to a number of organisations: