Linux Conf Au 2015 Debrief

Top Five


Documentation mini conf

Documentation and community management by Dr Maia Sauren

Open Radio Miniconf

Codec 2 at very low bit rates

Kernel Miniconf

Insights from data mining the kernel patchwork by Jerremy Kerr

Kernel network stack challenges at increasing speeds by Jesper Dangaard Brouer

SLUB allocator - Christoph Lameter

Debian Miniconf

Supporting machines for friends & family by Francois Marier

A full hardware/software stack setup of how to setup a Debian machine to limit the amount of maintenance required.

A bunch of packages that could help with maintaining a Debian machine:

Panel - Getting stuff into Debian

Clinton didn't take any notes, but there was a strong empahisis on `you don't have to be a Debian Developer'



Keynote - Eben Moglen

The Best Test Data is Random Test Data by Fraser Tweedale

Community Leadership Summit

Based on the NICAI workshop. Separate notes at

Clinton was note taker for both morning and afternoon sessions. Found the day to be very worthwhile.


Making code run fast on all the things (with OpenCL) by Beau Johnston

Kernel Report by Jon Corbett

Using FOI to get source code: the EasyCount experience by Michael Cordover


Mini Keynotes

Cooper Lee

Carol Smith

Mark McLoughin

The Democratisation of Radio by David Rowe

Reducing GLSL Compiler Memory Usage by Ian Romanick

A methodical makeover for CTDB by Martin Schwenke

OpenPOWER: building an open-source software stack from bare metal by Jeremy Kerr

Checking Your Privilege by Leslie Hawthorn

Bare-Metal Multicore Performance in a General-Purpose Operating System by Paul McKenney

IPMI - because ACPI and UEFI weren't terrifying enough by Matthew Garrett


How to get one of those Open Source jobs by Mark Atwood

Pettycoin, towards 1.0 by Rusty Russell

High-Performance and Scalable Updates: The Issaquah Challenge by Paul McKenney

When Everything Falls Apart: Stories of Version Control System Scaling by Ben Kero

SD Cards and filesystems for Embedded Systems by Peter Chubb

Grace - an educational programming language by Michael Homer

Botching up IOCTLs by Daniel Vetter

Geeks On A Train

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