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Humbug's LCA 2009 Bid

This is Humbug's 1 bid for LCA 2009.

It seems the tradition is to fill a bid document with fluffy descriptions of the host city and promises of grand plans. Well I imagine you have all seen Brisbane, and you definitely all know what LCA is so this time its wham bam, strictly the facts man.


The number of attendees coming to lca has been steadily increasing by about one hundred per year, we anticipate between 800 and 1000 people wanting to come to Brisbane, and we are going to pick this upper bound as our cap for planning purposes.

So far we are leaning towards holding the conference at the traditional time at the end of January. However, January can be uncomfortably hot in Brisbane, so that may change.

The Venue

The venue is Queensland University of Technology. QUT had approached LA about LCA before we contacted them, and so were already keen to host the event. They have undertaken to:

In short, I suspect QUT has put more on the table than any prior LCA venue.

QUT has a large number of rooms available and should have no trouble hosting a 1000 person conference with one exception, the keynotes. The largest room holds 600. QUT has offered to network several rooms with AV links, or alternatively we can outsource to larger venues in walking distance across the river.


QUT lies on the Brisbane River, in a corner of the Brisbane CBD adjacent to the botanic gardens. It is connected to the Brisbane's playground, South Bank, via a foot bridge that crosses the river. Thus it is surrounded by restaurants, pubs, live entertainment and public transport (river cats, busses and trains). Parking is available but expensive.


Being in the city means accommodation within a short walk of QUT is plentiful. Traditionally approximately 35% of LCA chooses to stay in cheaper accommodation provided by the on campus colleges. Currently QUT has no on campus colleges. They are planning to build a college nearby that should be ready well before LCA 2009. However, being in the city I am guessing the price will be higher than normal.

An alternative is the colleges at the University of Queensland. They have already indicated their willingness to accommodate LCA 2009, however distance is an issue - they are approximately a 30 minute walk plus a 20 minute bus trip. QUT has close contacts with Brisbane City Council, so if this option was taken shuttle buses to and from the venue would be included in the accommodation price. We are looking at turning this negative into a positive by making the shuttle ticket a weekly 2 zone ticket. This would allow the delegates to explore greater Brisbane free for the week.

This means the price of the cheaper accommodation will rise slightly, but we are hoping it will be below $80 per day.


Quotes for the Penguin Dinner and the Professional Networking Dinner have been obtained for various venues. Currently we are planning to hold the Speakers Dinner at QUT.

The Partners Program has been a wild success in previous years and we are planning to do it again. Brisbane has a lot of things to see and do (Steve Irwin's zoo, Dream World, City Shopping next door or the popular DFO, Surfers Paradise) so keeping all significant others happy & distracted shouldn't be too difficult.

And of course we are hoping to repeat the staggering success of Open Day, although this may be difficult sans Pia 2. Believe it or not, Queensland does host have some significant scientific development so it will be interesting to see what we can attract.

Adding Colour

Every year each LCA team adds its own flavour to the conference. LCA 2009 is no exception - starting with this bid. It was put together on a wiki 3 so everyone could participate. If Humbug wins expect things to continue along those lines, and in particular we are looking for suggestions for things new and different. The wiki will continue, and ideas from all and sundry will be happily stolen.

Including weekly public tickets that in the price that allows attendees to explore Brisbane is one idea. You can also expect the format of the Penguin Dinner to change. In the choice of papers there will be a bias towards Humbugs roots - home grown projects that tinker and play with open source.

Promotion, Sponsorship and Budgets

A budget accompanies this document. It is a best guess, of course, but it is based on real figures - either from previous LCA's for promotion and numbers or quotes from the venues.

Regarding promotion, Andy Fitzsimon has stoked the fires with some proposed logo's 4. We have obtained letters of support from various dignitaries 5. Brisbane Marketing (the promotional arm of Brisbane City 6) has helped us to find venues for bid and stands ready to help us with promotion if we win.


Humbug has hosted several talks on this LCA bid. They were always well attended, with lots of suggestions from the floor. There are also a presentation to the Queensland SAGE-AU branch which was well received.

At the last Humbug meeting on LCA we elected the team managing the LCA committee, should we win. They are:

They knew what they were getting into as a list of duties had been posted onto the wiki prior to the election 7. Besides, Humbug hosted LCA 2002.


Queenslanders have a reputation for being a laid back lot, we're sure this document will shed that image. We look forward to continuing this level of planning right through to the running of the conference so that the attendees can concentrate on learning and contributing to the open source movement.


QUT's undertakings


Bid Budget

http://www.humbug.org.au/LcaBid/2009/Budget/Budget. It is not visible to all, mainly because that is how it was done in previous LCA's. If you want to see it please email http://www.humbug.org.au/RussellStuart.

Home page of this document



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