Welcome to Brisbane's bid to host the 2009 Linux.conf.au.We've got a great team, an enthusiastic venue sponsor and some interesting ideas for the conference.

Sunny Brisbane

Welcome to sunny Brisbane, if we haven't run out of water by 2009, it'll be the most gorgeous place to hold LCA. Brisbane has grown up a lot over the years, apparently we're now cosmopoliton (whatever that means). What we do know is that there are plenty of places to eat, drink and be merry, in a huge variety of international tastes. We're also lucky enough to have an internationally recognized music scene 1. We're known up here for being rather laid back, and that's the feeling we want to pass on to our delegates: we do the hard yards so everyone can sit back and enjoy themselves.

Of course, Brisbane is just the starting point for a great Queensland holiday; go south to visit the tourist mecca the Gold Coast, or head north visit natural wonders found no where else on earth, such as the Great Barrier Reef.

The local Unix scene

Humbug is Brisbane's venerable unix group, all of the core team hail from Humbug. Humbug has been a Unix group - not just a LUG - since 95, so we'll be keen to include as much technology from the entire unix ecology as possible. We'll be keen to see presentations on Solaris technology (zfs, dtrace) as well as *BSD

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

We're keen to build on the successes of previous conferences:

We're also interested in looking at some of the issues of previous conferences:

Our Team

Our team may not be the youngest, most energetic team ever put together, but we're experienced, focussed and we'll get the job done. We've all been hooked on Linux.Conf.Au since the first conference held in Brisbane way back in 2002. Some of us helped run that conference and are back to do a bigger and better job.




We're very happy to have an enthusiastic venue sponsor, the ITEE department of the Queensland University of Technology, with their Gardens Point campus right in the middle of the city, surrounded by the botanical gardens. These guys were so keen to run the conference that they came to us before we had even seriously thought about a bid. QUT are going to be able to provide our keynote lecture halls, our seminar rooms and plenty of break out rooms. The sponsorship includes a proffessional liason with the University to coordinate their services, including catering and audio visual services.


Our key to keeping the budget under control is to plan for as many of the costs as possible, using the budgets of the previous linux.conf.au conferences as a guide. We're going to be planning this conference down to the letter before the rubber hits the road. We're also keen to finalise the major sponsorship deals before the bills come in.