Cycling UQ to QUT

There is an excellent non-confrontational route the entire way from UQ to QUT going via coronation drive. The part from UQ to the regatta has dead end streets linked by small bits of bike way. It is a fun easy ride (only a few smaller hills). Corro drive is a busy bikeway but very pleasant and goes essentially straight to qut.

The green bridge does not (and i will check this with my friend at bcc) as yet have a really good link to get to either the south east freeway bikeway which is the main off road bikeway to the city on the south side or straight to the goodwill bridge. It is possible to go down annerley road then straight onto the goodwill bridge to qut. and i think there is talk of making on-road bike awareness zones down this road. this route is shorter but annerley road is less pleasant (though could have a swim at south bank on way if showers are a problem)

Also to note is that if the conference is going to be in summer this may deter a few people. or perhaps just makes it worth assessing the shower facilities at qut.

There is also a bike hire place in the botanical gardens (right near qut) which would make it very easy for visitors to get some bikes and get about town.