The LCA 2009 Committee

This pages is for organising the people who will be on LCA 2009 committee, should the bid win.

If you want to nominate put your name in the Nominations table below.

So what is the committee? These are the people responsible for ensuring the list below gets done, and done well. They aren't necessarily the people who will do the work. Going on past LCA's, you can be sure more than enough people will volunteer to help out during the event. Surprisingly, LCA seems to get many inter-state volunteers. Getting volunteers before the event is more of a challenge as these must be Brisbane based, but again I think that won't be too hard if there is a lot of work to be done. That said, you will have to be present full time during the event.

So how much experience do you need? Very little. In two positions some technical know-how is probably necessary - Networking, and the Web Site. In the rest you will be able to get by with lots of enthusiasm, asking questions and willingness to take advice. In essence, saying something along the lines of I have no idea how to make this happen - can you tell me what to do next to the president or committee a month or two before it has to happen is acceptable and even encouraged. But doing the same ting the day before it is required will get you lynched.


If you want to be on the committee either add it to the list below or send an email to general. In either case list all the positions you like the most. Those positions are an indicator only - we will assign positions if and when we win the bid. The nominations will be finalised at the Humbug meeting on 19/May/2007.

Your Wiki Name





President, Mini Conferences, Open Day


President, Network engineer, Web Site


Committee President, Media, Papers/speakers, Miniconfs


Media & Promotion, Papers, speakers, keynotes, Video.




Venue Contact


Papers/speakers, Events


Remote Assistant, tasks as required, SysAdmin


Assistant to committee, Grunt, General Volunteer


Network engineer, Events, SysAdmin


Bear in mind that I have never organised an LCA before, so take these position descriptions with a bag of salt.