Log of 2007-09-24 IRC Meeting

This meeting was held on #humbug on irc.humbug.org.au to discuss the bid document.

(8:00:16 PM) rstuar1
Hi all. It's 20:00 PM. For those of you that don't know that's the appointed time for an IRC meeting re the LCA 2009 bid document.
(8:01:14 PM) rstuar1
I've had apologies from Clinton, Elspeth and Marco.
(8:02:25 PM) rstuar1
The main decision we need to make is to choose between two bid documents - one written by me, and the other by Clinton.
(8:03:35 PM) kangawallafox
Hi Russell - the one that u started is definitely better progress - just needs some tidying
(8:06:02 PM) rstuar1
kangawallafox: then that one more vote for mine. I am also voting for mine, as is Clinton. So far no one has voted for Clinton's.
(8:06:35 PM) rstuar1

For those who haven't read the documents, the URL's are: http://www.stuart.id.au/lcawiki/BidDocument/Bid (Clintons)

(8:06:40 PM) rstuar1

http://www.stuart.id.au/lcawiki/BidDocument/Bid2 (mine).

(8:07:14 PM) kangawallafox
yes I was reading thru it earlier and I will make some changes tonight or in the morning
(8:07:38 PM) kangawallafox
if this is the base for what we are going to do
(8:08:00 PM) rstuar1
Usually they are protected so only wiki members can read them, but I have removed those restrictions so those studiously trying to avoid the LCA bid can express an opinion.
(8:08:24 PM) ***onefang
(8:08:45 PM) kangawallafox
even though we have hosted LCA b4 I think there is still a little need for the first para to read y we should have it in Brisbane
(8:11:56 PM) rstuar1
Well, since I can't think of any better way, just go ahead and make them. The wiki does keep track of all versions - for those of you who don't know just click on the 'Info' link in the tool bar, and follow your nose to get diff's between any two versions.
(8:12:57 PM) rstuar1
In the next meeting we will go through the changes one by one.
(8:13:56 PM) kangawallafox
no probs - as soon as I finish this paper I will move on to the bid
(8:15:08 PM) rstuar1
So, who else is reading? We just need to wait for your opinion so I can close the meeting. gjb: you can't hide, I know you are lurking.
(8:15:28 PM) gjb: rstuar1
i don't have any opinions
(8:15:28 PM) Jiko
I'm here, kinda vaguely interested (8:15:41 PM) onefang: Bid2 does go into more of the needed detail, but could use a little bit of the fluff from bid. (8:15:43 PM) Jiko: not that I can really help directly being so far away (8:15:52 PM) Jiko: but I was involved in the first conf
(8:15:55 PM) gjb
if it happens, i'll go; but i can't make any input into it now
(8:16:17 PM) Jiko
rstuar1: I disagree that you should assume people know Brisbane
(8:16:25 PM) rstuar1
Jiko: distance isn't an issue for this sort of stuff.
(8:16:42 PM) Jiko
rstuar1: push how close the Gold Coast is, and other random attractions
(8:17:00 PM) onefang
Jiko, that's why I think we need to combine the two.
(8:18:09 PM) rstuar1
Jiko: OK. Bear in mind this is aimed at the LA committee, who presumably know how to use google and probably were at LCA 2002. In any case - express your opinion by changing the document.
(8:18:10 PM) Jiko
onefang: definately - but more based on Bid2
(8:18:57 PM) Jiko

rstuar1: yeah, but you can't assume they know the key points, otherwise there'd be no point doing much of a bid :)

(8:18:58 PM) onefang
(8:19:18 PM) Jiko
then again, I could be completely wrong, I don't remember us having to write that much of a bid document last time
(8:20:00 PM) rstuar1
But to do that you will have to become a member of the wiki. Don't hold back. We need all the input we can get.
(8:21:39 PM) ***onefang
looks at his ever lengthening TODO and shakes his head.
(8:21:49 PM) Jiko
rstuar1: believe me, I know all about needing as much input as possible
(8:22:07 PM) onefang
I'll try to squeeze a combining of the two, mostly based on bid2 later tonight.
(8:22:18 PM) kangawallafox
...a bid should never assume anything even though LCA has been held in Brisbane before - but u can work on the previous eventto build a bigger and better bid
(8:23:41 PM) rstuar1
Jiko: my assumption is what they are really after is some confidence we can run the conference. That requires two things: a team of willing slaves and the facilities. Prove you have those two things then it will probably come down to "whose turn it is".
(8:23:56 PM) onefang
(8:24:25 PM) kangawallafox
....what format do they want the final bid in
(8:24:28 PM) rstuar1
For all they care it come be in Broome, or Dunedin even.
(8:25:22 PM) rstuar1
The previous winning bid (Sydney's) was a plain text email. It was up against two beautifully prepared (as in professionally written) PDF's.
(8:25:32 PM) onefang
A little bit of fluff helps smooth things, showing we can do more than just write dry bid documents. Spoon full of sugar...
(8:27:03 PM) rstuar1
Yep. As I said, hack away. We will choose the final form at the next IRC meeting. If the changes are too great it might be a good idea to do what I did - copy it to a new document.
(8:28:03 PM) onefang
Personally, I would start with bid2, and sprinkle the fluff from bid in as needed. So not too great a change.
(8:28:58 PM) rstuar1
OK, so it seems the unanimous decision is to start with bid2. Anyone disagree?
(8:29:57 PM) kangawallafox
yep - lets just start with that and get it done
(8:30:23 PM) rstuar1
Decision made. Any other comments before I close the meeting? (8:30:45 PM) rstuar1: You have 60 seconds to say "hold on".
(8:32:37 PM) rstuar1
OK. Meeting closed. The log will appear on the wiki, with a link posted to general. The bid documents will be re-protected now so you will have to log in to view them. Thanks for joining in.