Log of 2007-09-27 IRC Meeting

(8:00:02 PM) ***rstuart
wacks stone gravel onto desk.
(8:00:19 PM) rstuart
Calling the 2nd and final IRC meeting on the LCA 2009 bid document to order.
(8:00:35 PM) rstuart

The Bid document http://www.stuart.id.au/lcawiki/BidDocument/Bid2 has now been unprotected.

(8:00:47 PM) rstuart

The Budget document http://www.stuart.id.au/lcawiki/Budget/Budget has now been unprotected.

(8:01:18 PM) ***rstuart
hopes that was noisy enough to get someones attention.
(8:01:29 PM) latent
(8:02:10 PM) latent
i sent you a mail about minconfs, asking whether the qut venue sponsorships covered the miniconf day
(8:02:25 PM) latent
and another asking why we're paying for insurance, i though LA covered all that jazz
(8:03:04 PM) rstuart
latent: QUT undertook to give us 5 days of room hire. Miniconf's don't have catering. So I guess the answer is yes.
(8:03:35 PM) rstuart
(and besides I replied to yr email at least 65 seconds ago.)
(8:03:47 PM) latent
we're going to need catering though, aren't we?
(8:04:02 PM) latent

(i'm just trying to fill the irc log a bit ;)

(8:04:15 PM) rstuart
previous LCA's didn't. I distinctly remember starving at the mini-confs.
(8:04:26 PM) latent

right. so lets fix that ;)

(8:05:12 PM) rstuart
we can try. QUT didn't say they wouldn't cater for the miniconfs either, and I notice they aren't here.
(8:05:34 PM) latent
oh, there's a qut rep here?
(8:05:56 PM) rstuart
nope. I said, I notice they AREN'T here.
(8:06:18 PM) rstuart
do you think the IRC log is full enough?
(8:06:32 PM) latent


(8:06:34 PM) rstuart
I have a weather station I want to hack into.
(8:06:55 PM) latent
so i reckon coffee and biccies in the morning and afternoon
(8:07:01 PM) latent
people can go offsite for lunch
(8:07:41 PM) rstuart
like I said, we can try. failing that greg said he would help, and i think he would look just dandy behind a coffee machine.
(8:08:05 PM) latent
imagine how bitter the coffee would be though..
(8:08:23 PM) latent
so what about the insurance?
(8:08:27 PM) rstuart
indeed. it would be perfect.
(8:08:44 PM) rstuart
insurance is in the budget, I hope.
(8:08:51 PM) rstuart
yep - it is.
(8:09:21 PM) latent
yes, it's definitely there, but i don't understand why, i though LA covered that?
(8:09:57 PM) rstuart
I asked the question. he who must be obeyed, who is the sectary of LA, said it was an LCA expense.
(8:10:32 PM) aj
that particular insurance is event cancellation insurance which is specific to the event that may be cancelled (lca) and thus comes out of that event's budget
(8:10:33 PM) latent

so what the bleep do LA do for us then? :)

(8:11:13 PM) ***rstuart
picks self up off floor.
(8:12:06 PM) rstuart
aj: since you are here, i can't make the registration figures for 2007 add up, particularly if they include accommodation.
(8:12:27 PM) ***latent
forsees a connection timeout
(8:12:46 PM) aj
how so?
(8:13:10 PM) rstuart
Add up that is, assuming the student:hobbist:prof ratio is 1:2:4 and the numbers attending were 731, and everybody claimed the 25% discount.
(8:14:04 PM) rstuart
well, when I do the figures either then amount collected is too low, or the ratios are wrong, or something.
(8:14:18 PM) aj
are you excluding speakers?
(8:14:34 PM) aj
i don't think the ratios were 1:2:4 this year, though i don't know what they were
(8:14:51 PM) rstuart
hmm. nope. big mistake on my part. how many speakers where there?
(8:15:20 PM) rstuart
I guess I can look it up on the LCA 2007 wiki.
(8:15:50 PM) aj
320 prof, 200 hobby, 100 students is one possible estimate
(8:16:15 PM) rstuart
More trustworthy that 1:2:4? If so I will use that.
(8:16:27 PM) ***elspeth
(8:16:59 PM) aj
about 100 speakers, maybe a bit less
(8:17:07 PM) aj
between 100 and 200 open day things maybe
(8:17:19 PM) aj
err, s/things/attendees/
(8:17:46 PM) rstuart
Does the open attendees matter. They paid some fee, but I never figures out what it was.
(8:18:04 PM) Jerub
rstuart: it was a tiny thing to cover hotdog and drink
(8:18:27 PM) rstuart
I'll ignore it then.
(8:18:28 PM) latent
rstuart: i'm actually really happy with both the bid and budget
(8:18:59 PM) rstuart
aj: have you looked at the budget? One thing I did really needs your expert input.
(8:19:27 PM) aj
600 people at the dinner, 450 people at the professional networking are other numbers
(8:20:00 PM) aj
if those don't match the numbers in the report reasonably i'd be interested
(8:20:01 PM) rstuart
I think the Delegate Accommodation in the expenses should go entirely. It ain't in the income, so it should not be in the expenses.
(8:20:50 PM) aj
i'm not going to look at the brisbane bid until it's submitted, fwiw
(8:21:02 PM) aj
well, in any detail anyway
(8:21:14 PM) rstuart
Oh, OK. I understand now.
(8:21:36 PM) latent
rstuart: we probably have to put down a deposit though i guess?
(8:21:47 PM) rstuart
on what?
(8:22:11 PM) latent
the colleges
(8:22:49 PM) rstuart
er, sounds odd to be honest. we aren't hiring the colleges - we are just collecting money on their behalf. aj?
(8:23:15 PM) Maliuta
rstuart: have you actually spoken to the colleges about it?
(8:23:24 PM) elspeth
they'll probably want some money as an insurance that we're serious, and that they actually are getting business.
(8:23:32 PM) rstuart
No. I have not. But QUT has. On several occasions.
(8:23:33 PM) Maliuta
rstuart: different colleges would probably have different policies
(8:24:07 PM) Maliuta
I would be talking to them before making it part of any bid document
(8:24:30 PM) Maliuta
about the specific event ... that way you know what they expect and they may "pencil" it in
(8:24:49 PM) Maliuta
for confirmation once the bid is confirmed
(8:25:05 PM) rstuart
Maliuta: a bit late now, as the bid is submitted tomorrow, or possibly tonight.
(8:25:35 PM) Maliuta
do I look like I am in brisbane to have done anything about it? :P
(8:26:03 PM) rstuart
But the colleges are already aware of what we want, and providing we give them approx numbers before the event they will be happy. or so QUT tells me.
(8:26:13 PM) aj
there's time allowed over the next month or so for updates and such to any bids
(8:26:47 PM) elspeth
From previous dealings with such places, they usually require some sort of nominal good-faith money; but in this case, considering that the negotiations have been between QUT and the colleges, it may not apply...
(8:26:56 PM) rstuart
aj: yeah, I forgot about that.
(8:27:18 PM) Maliuta
rstuart: it wouldn't be the first time I had heard someone say it was all good then have and organisation say "who are you? and what event are you talking about?"
(8:27:43 PM) Maliuta
I would want first hand contact with them to sort out the details
(8:28:06 PM) Maliuta
make sure both sides expectations are fully spelled out
(8:28:50 PM) latent
ah. there be my visitors
(8:29:29 PM) elspeth
so, i'd suggest that we check up with the colleges at some point independently
(8:29:45 PM) ***Maliuta
sits on elspeths lap with a single malt
(8:30:06 PM) Maliuta
now ... which one should I pay more attention to? ;P
(8:30:53 PM) elspeth
(8:31:09 PM) purserj
the important thing is, is the single malt for elspeth or Maliuta
(8:31:13 PM) rstuart
We can do that, but it's difficult to ask the colleges to commit to something while we can't.
(8:32:00 PM) elspeth
rstuart: i've had success negotiating with them with an event that may or may not occur - they seem to be quite receptive to giving quotes and explaining policy.
(8:32:13 PM) Maliuta
purserj: maybe, depends on how nice she is to me :P
(8:32:26 PM) rstuart
When we have won the bid, and we have decided to use them (which is not a forgone conclusion), then we can ask for a real commitment.
(8:32:30 PM) elspeth

Maliuta: i'm very nice :) And I'm a scarcer resource than scotch.

(8:32:48 PM) Maliuta

purserj: I _know_ she can inhale scotch at the same rate as me ... just not have stand up as well to the effects :)

(8:32:55 PM) rstuart
As of now, they are aware we may require rooms 15 months hence.
(8:33:02 PM) elspeth
rstuart: it's worth asking them what their policies are, though.
(8:33:08 PM) Maliuta

elspeth: but the scotch is younger than you :)

(8:34:41 PM) rstuart
about pre-payment? remember it doesn't matter to the bid or the budget.
(8:35:35 PM) rstuart
and by the time it does matter, I am sure we will be on first name terms.
(8:36:25 PM) elspeth
fair enough.
(8:37:00 PM) rstuart
OK, is there anything else? This budget stuff has been really helpful.
(8:37:20 PM) elspeth
nothing springs immediately to mind
(8:37:24 PM) Maliuta
rstuart: did you remeber to include the money to bribe me with?
(8:37:33 PM) Maliuta

bribe money is important ;)

(8:37:46 PM) rstuart
Brides are automatic to speakers. What will be your topic?
(8:37:46 PM) ***Maliuta
removes tongue from cheek
(8:38:04 PM) elspeth
... brides? hi, freud.
(8:38:26 PM) Maliuta
rstuart: How I managed to extort money from the LCA bid team?
(8:38:44 PM) purserj
rstuart: are they imported brides or local?
(8:38:45 PM) rstuart
shit. which one?
(8:39:23 PM) ***elspeth
(8:40:14 PM) Maliuta

elspeth: careful, he'll marry you off to a speaker ;)

(8:40:31 PM) rstuart
OK, well since that seems to be it - MEETING CLOSE.
(8:40:38 PM) Maliuta
and I don't think you get to pick which one
(8:40:41 PM) Jerub
(8:40:46 PM) ***rstuart
hits gravel on desk again.