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   1 From: Russell Stuart <russell-humbug@stuart.xxxxx>
   2 Subject: Humbug's bid for 2010
   3 To: A business person <...@...>
   4 Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 22:06:45 +1000
   6 A business person,
   8 I am contacting you about Humbug's bid to host the "Linux Conference
   9 Australia" in 2010.  I am assuming you know of LCA, and so it needs no
  10 introduction.  If not my apologies - and please disregard this email.
  12 However since you are commercialising open source that is unlikely.  In
  13 that case you know LCA is one of the worlds best Linux conferences,
  14 attracting some 800 people each year.  Holding it in Brisbane is a great
  15 way to bring Open Source to the attention of many here in Queensland -
  16 especially since we are planning to hold it at QUT which is in in the 
  17 heart of the city.
  19 What I am after is a few words of support for Humbug's bid - literally.
  20 Nothing more.  It seems like a simple request, but a couple of weeks ago
  21 I spammed yourself and 17 other open source companies in Queensland with
  22 a more subtle email.  I got no responses.  Zip.  Nil. None.  A sparrow
  23 fart in the woods would have generated more noise.  But I am not that
  24 easily deterred, so I went and spoke to Arjen Lentz who gave me your
  25 personal email address, phone number, and various other details.  (That
  26 man is a veritable fountain of information.)
  28 Maybe my first email was too subtle, maybe you are just too busy
  29 right now, or maybe it fell into a SPAM trap.  So this time I am being
  30 more direct, and am going to make it really easy for you.  Attached is a
  31 letter of support.  Its personalised to YourCompany.  All you have to 
  32 do is email it back to me!  And just in case it really did fall into a
  33 SPAM trap, I will give you a call later this week if I don't hear from
  34 you.
  36 In the mean time if I have made a mistake and LCA is of no interest to
  37 you, then just reply to that effect and I will go away forever.
  39 --
  40 Regards,
  41 Russell Stuart
  42 Humbug's LCA 2010 Bid Organiser
  43 Phone: 0438 805 133
  45 PS.  Here is Humbug's bid submission for LCA 2010:
  48 PPS. The attached document was prepared in OpenOffice, but is in
  49 Microsoft Office format because I don't know what software you use and
  50 OpenOffice will read most things, unlike Office.  Ideally its best if
  51 you export it to PDF format (because PDF is read only) and send me the
  52 PDF version.  Editing it to add your personal touch isn't necessary, but
  53 wouldn't hurt either.

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