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   1 From: "Sia Glover" <splatsis@brisbanemarketing.xxxx>
   2 To: "Russell Stuart" <russell-humbug@stuart.xxxx>
   3 Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 17:49:18 +1000
   4 Subject: RE: Ideas for Humbug's 2010 LCA bid
   6 Hi Russell,
   8 Your details below sound good.
  10 Regarding the "Speakers Dinner": yes we can help with proposals etc.,
  11 and can definitely come up with a real '"wow" concept.  Do you have
  12 any other specifics on this event?  Specifically: format of the night
  13 (dinner? Cocktails & canapés? Presentations? Music? Entertainment?),
  14 timing (what day / time?), set-up (tables of 10?), and any other info
  15 which may assist us in getting relevant proposals.
  17 Yes the Maritime Museum is still alive / open.  Was this for the
  18 Speaker's dinner or something else?  Can I chase them up for you?
  20 Also.....did we need Letters of Support (government) this time
  21 around?  We should be OK getting one from the Lord Mayor, but I don't
  22 like our chances of getting one from the Premier at such short
  23 notice.  Let me know....
  25 I'm out of the office next mon-weds, so will chat to you after your
  26 meeting on 23 August.
  28 Have a great weekend,
  29 Sia
  31 -----Original Message-----
  32 From: Russell Stuart [mailto:russell-humbug@stuart.xxxx] 
  33 Sent: Friday, 15 August 2008 9:25 AM
  34 To: Sia Glover
  35 Subject: RE: Ideas for Humbug's 2010 LCA bid
  37 On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 14:07 +1000, Sia Glover wrote:
  38 > I'm here!  Here are the details we spoke about...
  39 > 
  40 > ·        Bid due early August
  42 LCA has now called for bids.  The "first sumbission" deadline is the Fri
  43 29th of August.
  45 > ·        Potential support from Brisbane Marketing (to be confirmed)
  46 > of up to $3,000
  48 If we use this at all, it will be to promote the event should we win.
  50 > ·        Also offer an onsite info / tours desk (run by Brisbane
  51 > Marketing's Visitor Information Centre)
  53 That would be great!
  55 > Let me know how you would like to progress.  Do you want the bid in
  56 > word format, so you can make your changes / additions?  Or would you
  57 > prefer to send me your details, so I can prepare the document?
  59 Next meeting to finalise everything will be on Saturday 23rd August.  I
  60 will get to you a draft of what we want to say by start of work Monday
  61 25 August, which gives us the week to polish it.  I can't handle Office
  62 2007 formats, but anything prior to that is fine.  Being geeks we tend
  63 to use plain ordinary text (like this email) - but again being geeks
  64 means I can probably handle whatever you choose.
  66 There is one outstanding item which I have done nothing about, primarily
  67 because I am at a loss for ideas.  That is the "Speakers Dinner".  I
  68 have never attended one, however I am told it is an "Up Market" event or
  69 about 100 people.  Hobart is holding there's in a castle, or so I am
  70 told.  A suitable venue would be something overlooking the river, or
  71 perhaps the Mt. Cootha Lookout - but I have never got a response out of
  72 them.  Anyway, it strike me that getting quotes for something like this
  73 would be right up Brisbane Marketing's alley.
  75 Oh, and is the Maritime Museum alive.  They have not responded to my
  76 emails this time around. 

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