The conference website is the focus of information distribution in the lead up to the conference. All details that a delegate needs to know should be available on the website so that they can easily organise their attendance at the conference in Brisbane.

The website will be used to provide information to prospective attendees about the various components of the conference. It will also receive proposals from potential speakers and mini-conf organisers; it will allow the review and acceptance of those proposals by the papers committee, including the publication of those proposals in the final conference programme; conference delegates will be able to register to attend the conference and pay for their attendance; and finally it will people to volunteer to help out during the conference.

The website will be an instance of the zookeepr software, which has been used for the past several LCA's. This will have modifications made to it to support any special requirements of the Brisbane LCA. These will be captured from the relevant team members in their plans. The current zookeepr software is capable of handling all major components of the conference website previously outlined. The website will be installed onto a virtual machine and will be hosted by Linux Australia.

The zookeepr team is responsible for the delivery of the software to run the conference website. The IT Team will be responsible for the implementation of the conference website software to host the Brisbane conference website. All other members of the organising team are responsible for providing content for the website related to their role within the team.

The major risks involving the website are:



The website not being available for

viewing conference information

This risk will be mitigated by automatically monitoring the availability of the website from an external location. If the website is not accessible, a member of the IT Team will be notified so that they can rectify the issue as soon as possible

the submission of a proposal

the reviewing proposals

registering to attend conference

volunteering to help at the conference

That the zookeepr software does not work as intended

Extensive testing of each component of the zookeepr software will be conducted before it is put into use on the website. This testing will involve automated unit testing which is part of the zookeepr software as well as user based testing

That there is a security hole in the zookeepr software that allows

fraud to be committed against the conference by convincing the system that a registration has been paid

This will be mitigated by comparing the three sources of financial information to each other on a regular basis. These are the zookeepr records, the credit card transaction records and the bank statements

a persons private information to become public

This will be mitigated through code review within the zookeepr software. This will allow several people to look at how the software is implemented and identify any potential security holes