Brisbane LCA 2011 Bid Meeting

Date: 30/4/2009 Time: 7:00pm Place: The Grange Library Attendees: Mark Ellem, Matthew Franklin, Russell Stuart, James Isseppi. Secretary: Matthew Franklin

Meeting Open

The aim of this meeting was to to about getting together a team created from HUMBUG members. We also wanted to talk about the form that the bid process will take and other topics that related to the bid and to the event itself. The bid is normally due in by August but we will be informed by Linux Australia.

* Topics:

We started by talking about a range of topics in the meeting

Logo -- Swim North Logo version B far too busy. Need an artist.... Andy Fitzsimons

Bid Document: We want more details. This may or may not be included in the bid document. Matt suggested that we basically make it a summary of LCA document. As a group we looked into what should be the main aim of the bid document. Sell Brisbane, sell the conference and sell the organization and team work skills of the group were put forward. Russell presented winning bid documents. Hobart = A very good looking bid doc but low on how the team would work together. Sydney was very plain Jane (just an email) but included how they would work together. We could see why that would win. Melbourne was a combination of both styles.Wellington's bid can only be described as very very professional. We came to a decision that we would aim to following the Melbourne path with making it as professional as possible. Suggestions were made about how we should tackle the issue of complexity verses simplicity. One good decision that we all agreed on was to put everything into an appendix. Including things like quotes and a summary of the information that we used to create the bid. We want to have a more professional bid in total. Hopefully the more effort that we put into the bid the better the chance we will get the Bid.

Group Positions and places: After we discussed the bid doc we then looked into how we should form the group. Looked at a number of ways we could form the bid team. From getting everyone together and ending up with a group from those that kept up to having everyone nominated for a position by a general HUMBUG vote. We looked at what those roles were. We also looked at the work and when each role came into play. Before, during, after and any combination of both. It was argued to that the roles should be such that everyone had work to do to present the bid. This way we could separate the chafe from the wheat. In the end we decided that If enough people know about the bid by the 16/5/09 then we will have our nominations and votes for only a place on the bid team but no actual role. This would be decided as we worked our way through the bidding process.

Dates: Late in January.. 17 - 28 the 2011.

* What We need To Do Russell to move the stuff around on the wiki also to write an invitation email to be sent out to all members of Humbug. James to forward the invitation email. Matt to continue to get quotes and work on other items of interest for the bid. In other words keep on doing what he had been doing previously.