Time & Place

2009-06-13 14:15 Social Sciences Building, UQ, Room S603.


Clinton Roy, Daniel Devine, Mark Ellem, Matthew Franklin, Russell Stuart, Shaun Nykvist, Stephen Thomas.


James Iseppi. James appointed Matthew as his proxy in votes.

1. Matthew volunteered to take the minutes.

2. Nomination of positions. Each person was asked what positions they would like to fill. After some discussion these positions were filled unopposed:

3. Russell then took over the chair of the meeting. Discussion then proceeded around the table, each person talking about their tasks, and what they would have done for the next meeting.

4. General disscussion occured after the roles and the jobs were looked at. We looked at Jacinta's email (general list 1:45am June 8th). This had a number of important points. We disscussed her points along with a few others.These are:

  1. Alcohol. Some of the idea's were to do with serving entres with drinks. This would allow the speakers to talk while people didn't go hungry. Also a two bottle per table was also look at.
  2. Extra transport to events. If we might have events that require transport to and from the event then we thought that it would be a good idea to look at a shuttle bus that would take anyone that needed to leave early back to their rooms. This we all agreed was a good idea.
  3. The need to be organised. Simple things like making sure everyone knows where to go and what's available. This included having the website upto date. Having transport ready. Help books and cheat sheets for AV volunteers and so on.
  4. The "non-proffesional delegates session" to be made part of the event. Maybe have the price included in the ticket price.

While all of these items aren't set in stone they are things that we need to look into.

5. Russell asked the results of all action items generated here be put on the wiki, and notification posted to the LcaBid list. It will make the meetings go faster if everyone reads them before attending the next meeting.

6. It was decided the next meeting would be again held prior to the Humbug meeting. That is in 2 weeks time, at 2PM Sat June 2009, Hawken Engineering, Buulding 50, Room T103.

Meeting Closed 15:15

7. In random discussions after meeting:

  1. Mark raised the idea of setting up a server farm for A/V transcoding.
  2. Russell suggested preparing a VM image for doing the transcoding, that could be handed out to people prepared to provide CPU cycles.
  3. AJ said most Schwag gets donated by the promoters.
  4. Matthew asked when the move of the LCA Wiki would be completed. Russell cringed and said "soon".

Outstanding Action Points from this and previous Meetings