Meeting & Minute Information

* Time and Place 27/06/09 15:14, Hawken Engineering Building(50) room T103

Minutes Written by Matthew Franklin

The Meeting

Shaun Opened the meeting at 3:14pm. Asked that we discussed what had happen between this meeting and the last. He thank Russell for the quick response that he gave to the issue of vote for Presidency. Shaun then asked for general status reports to be given by members.


Finishing Up

So the job of the lca team as a whole is to get more information. The more specific jobs are Matthew needs to post the meeting minutes within 24hours to the lca list then if there are no objections post this to the general list and onto the humbug lca wiki. Mark needs to setup the Google Docs and to work with the other LCA team members so that they have acess.

At the very end a normal, but long term and trustworthy member of HUMBUG Simon Ellis want to volunteer for the lca event if and when it happens. He is happy to do basic jobs for the group but doesn't want any executive roles.

It was decided to meet again in two weeks time at 2pm just before the next HUMBUG meeting. This will be held in Prentice Building(42)] room 212 on the 11/7/09.

Meeting Closed at 3:50pm.