Meeting & Minute Information

Minutes Written by Matthew Franklin

The Meeting

The meeting was kicked off by Shaun. A few things to note that while we had problems with getting internet access (we in the end went through the AP "UQ Connect") we were able to use Skype for communication with Shaun and James.

A Theme

Shaun proposed in a email on the 10/07/09 that we have a theme. He asked that members put forward ideas for the theme and that it was an agenda item for this meeting. Russell in his email on the 10/07/09 stated that while themes are like eye candy it ties the bid together. There was a general agreement on this. Daniel felt that a theme was something easy to put in or to take out. James felt that a theme should be generic and note restrictive.

In the end we proposed that Shaun setup a wiki page for the themes. Where we wack up our ideas.

General Reports

Next Meeting

Shaun proposed that we work on our seperate areas and comunnicate with one another through the internet. Once we have a lot more information collected we could then decide to have another meeting. We could even have meetings online. However we will probly have more normal styled meeting getting closer to the end of the bidding process. Even prehaps moving to a weekly meeting.

Meeting Closed at 3pm.