Short version

Elections for the LCA team will be held at:

    The next Humbug meeting,
    6 PM, Saturday 30th May,
    UQ, Hawkin Building, Room S201.


Long version

Humbug is planning to bid for Linux Conference Australia in 2011.  In previous years much of this work has been done by Russell, but this year we are hoping to do it a little differently.

This time around, we are calling for people to nominate themselves for the LCA Team before we commence the bid.  Thus you are in effect nominating for two jobs: helping to prepare the bid, and then help run the show should we win.

There are three ways you can nominate yourself:

- You can nominate yourself on the day, or 

- put your name on the Wiki Nomination page

- post your nomination to

After the elections are over, we will decide who does what jobs.  The jobs are described in full on the nomination page.  They are, in short:

        Media & Promotion.
        Network engineer.
        Papers, speakers, keynotes.
        Mini conferences.
        Open Day.
        Partners Programme. 
        Events & Dinners.
        Venue organisation. 
        Web Site.
        Committee president. 
As I said, being on the team means you are responsible for two things: 

- Prepare the section of the bid dealing with that job,
- Run that part of LCA 2011.

We are hoping this will both produce a better quality, more detailed bid, and then make the task of running the actual event easier.

Onto LCA 2011!

James, Mark, Matthew, Russell.