Getting Started

What is this?

This is a wiki for organising Humbug's LCA bid for 2011.

How to join in

Just about anybody can view this wiki, but to modify its pages you must first log into your wiki account. You can create an account for yourself using the Settings page. To be involved in the LCA bid you also need to be on Humbug's mailing list. It is open to everyone.

How a Wiki works

A wiki is a web site that is maintained by its users, not the site owner. This means you, the user, can modify this wiki. Not only can you modify the pages here, you have to if you are going to contribute to the LCA bid. Don't worry about making mistakes - just dive in. A complete history is kept of all modifications made, so it is easy to fix any errors.

The best way to get started is to go to a page you are interested in, click the Edit(Text) button above and copy what others have done. If you need help click on the help icon at the top of the page. If you can't find the page you are looking for use the search functions at the top of the page, or check out the links at the bottom of this one.

There is one side of wiki culture that can take some getting used to. If you find something you don't like or is wrong, fix it. There is no point in whinging to the site maintainer because you are the site maintainer.


The wiki's primary purpose is keeping track of who is doing what. In that vein most pages are structured as a giant list. There are lists for ideas, of things that have to be done, of things that have been done, of documents and links ... and so on. The front page has links to each of them - add your own if you want.

All the items on these lists have a life of their own, but they will die if someone doesn't look after them. So when you add an or change an item, put your initials beside it with a quick note of what you did and when. That way if someone wants to follow up on it they know who to ask. For example:

Other things that can make life easier is to keep the live items at the top of the page by moving the items that have been completed to the end. Also, items should never die or be deleted. Instead they should be moved to an LcaBid/StartHere/Abandoned sub-page, and a short explanation of why they are no longer worthy added.