Matthew Franklin

I am currently on the Exec as the Vice President. I have a couple of other non Exec roles of Event coordinator and Talks maintainer. As not much of a programmer and system admin my hope is that I facilitate people who can do these to learn more. My other aim is to increase our membership and our prominence in UQ. Email: <matheist76 AT westnet DOT com DOT au>

I'm based in Deception Bay. I have a car and I regularly leave to go to HUMBUG at around 2pm. So if you want a lift and your on the North side email me and I'll see what I can do. I do stay at HUMBUG to the very end.

As to packing and setting up. I agree to be bound to what I have posted both on the HUMBUG website and in any correspondence. If for any reason I can not make it to HUMBUG I will make every effort to contact my fellow members an inform them of what is happening. ...

Membership Forms. Here is my version of the membership form. I don't believe in having a separate form for a renewing member. The database should be able to detect whether or not they are an existing member. The other reason is that people forget to fill in their details even through they have changed in the last 12months. In fact the vast majority of members that I know have.

My version of the membership form