Membership of HUMBUG is only $25.00 for one year or part thereof until the fall of the next AGM (See the Constitution for further information). Membership at HUMBUG allows you to use the internet services provided at meetings. It also gives you voting rights. Also you can join up on the wiki and gain editing access on our website.

Humbug's Email Lists

To join our email list just click on Mailing List then chose the mailing list you want to join and fill out the form.

So what lists should you join? Well that depends on what you want to do. Below is a breakdown of the lists.

Member's Area

These links below are setup for members to post information about themselves.

Membership Forms

The new membership form is out. You may download and fill out these forms and then send them if you can not make it to a HUMBUG meeting. I would like to say thanks to LiveCat for her work on the membership form. When you do fill out the form please include as much detail as you can. The witness signature on the back please leave blank.

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Contact Information

The main contact point for Humbug is the executive, which can be reached at:

  • <admin AT lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au>.

As all of the executive monitor this public list you will usually get a prompt response. <exec AT humbug DOT org DOT au> is a similar list that is not publicly archived. However beware in their role as representatives of an open source organisation the executive will consider all communication with them to be in the public domain, regardless of the channel it arrives on. If you want discussions on a particular topic kept private please say so in the opening sentences - we don't always read the boilerplate at the bottom.

System Administrators

Please refer to the SysAdmin page for instructions on logging requests.


The Current Executive (2017/2018)

You can correspond with the club's executive members privately using the following addresses. As these are private emails they are not archived, and may not come to the club's attention. Some executive members also release alternative contact details such as instant messaging addresses and phone numbers on their home pages.



Name / Home Page

<president AT humbug DOT org DOT au>


Joel Addison

<secretary AT humbug DOT org DOT au>


Clinton Roy

<treasurer AT humbug DOT org DOT au>


John Keogh

Old Forms

Here are the old membership forms. The only reason why they have been left here is for archival purposes. Please download and use the one of the form versions above.

Payment of membership fees via bank direct deposit

You can now pay for membership of HUMBUG by making a direct deposit into our bank account. Here are the details:

Please make sure to use the name of whom the payment is for as the reference, and to send an email to <admin @ lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au> advising us of the payment and reference number you used.


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