O'Week Promotion

This wiki page is dedicated to organising Humbug's effort to promote itself at the Orientation Week at the University Campuses around Brisbane.

The idea is if you have ideas, or can help, or have information, you just edit it. If you don't have an account, you can create one as described in StartHere. Don't worry too much about where to put stuff or how to format - the most important thing is to get it written down so we all know what is going on.


These are the activities we have planned. They are to be done on O'Week, when the minds of the little darlings are most malleable. O'Week varies depending on the Uni and campus:

The objectives of these activities are:

  1. Create a general awareness of Humbug, and in particular create the link: Humbug == Open Source in Brisbane.

  2. Attract members.
  3. Fulfil an obligation to UQ to provide help to students and staff for open source.

CD Handout at UQ

The initial idea was to burn software onto an inkjet printable CD that a student might find interesting, print a Humbug ad on the front and members of Humbug hand them out to students. This has now evolved somewhat. Last year UQ Connect handed out Microsoft Office CD's to the students. MarcoOstini has contacted them to see if they would be willing to hand out Open Source CD's. The answer was yes! We met someone at the LCA Penguin Dinner who had 1300 odd Open Disc CD's left over from Software Freedom day and was willing to give them to us.

So, the jobs required to get this done are:

There are other things that have to be done in house.

  1. If new members do turn up, we have to be able to make them members - ie have membership cards, and take money.
  2. If newbies turn up, someone has to meet and greet them. So we need a cadre of people willing to put up their hands to do this. Put your names here!

Notice Board Spamming

The idea here is to put a Humbug Flyer up on every possible notice board, so they can't be missed during O'Week. Despite me saying "spam", we will in fact need to ask to put them on some notice boards.


Lecture Slides

The idea here is to get lecturers to mention Humbug to their classes, or have a slide, or something. Right now it boils down to this: if you personally know a lecturer well enough to ask him to do this then do it and add you name to the list below.