This page is for documenting the Base image that we will be using for our system.

Perth's Image

A description on how to setup a base image which the Perth people used can be found in their git repo for Evenstreamr. Which you can get here :

git clone

There was no information about what user/s you should setup. For now I have setup avadmin user and will probably setup avuser as the main account. I'll first see if this conflicts with anything.

In their repo there is a baseimage dir. To start follow the instructions in build-notes.txt.

/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults --allow-guest false

Looking at Eventstreamer there is a lot of files that rely on the user being "av" so I would suggest that the admin user be avadmin with a simple but not easy password and we then create a user called av with a simple and easy password. However I should make the code just look at the current user and then setup using that user with the suggestion that it be avuser or av or something like that

Packages required and dependencies for the base image


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