A place for storing the Audio Visual documentation for PyConAu. In this wiki I hope to document such things as the bug in/out process. Trails of the AV system. Layouts of the system including what we need for every room etc. This should be a reference page that one goes to for the AV.

* Trails of the AV system including lessons learned and what works.

* A list of all required for each Trail I put this link here so that we have fast access to it.

* Git repositories used for the creation of the AV system.

* Bug In Bug Out Procudures and Lists for bugging in and out of BCEC and possibly Edge.

* Random Stuff Stuff that I can't be bothered to put into the right place.

* Base Image documentation. It includes how to make the base image from scratch. What point I am upto. Any changes etc.

* Commands and Scripts Useful commands and scripts. Things like converting avi files to mp4. Speeding up a movie. Join clips together etc.

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