HUMBUG Special General Meeting.
09 / 11 / 96

Held in 50-1, University of Queensland.

1/      Present.
                Robert Brockway (President)
                Bruce ?????     (Vice-President)
                Andrae Muys     (Secretary)
                Craig E         (Tresurer)
                Michael Pick    (Librarian)
                Gary Curtis     (Member)
                Brent Wesley    (Member)
                Chris Baird     (Member)
                Raymond Smith   (Member)
                (There were others but they didn't sign their attendence
                so I've forgotten who they were.  We made quorum with who's
                listed anyway :).

2/      Motion moved to rattify Constitution (as finalised at meeting)
        (No fundamental differences from copy posted to mailing list).
                Moved AM. Seconded B?.
        Amendment: Spell checked version to be posted by Wednesday 11 / 11 / 96
                Carried (w.amendment) unnanimously.

3/      Floor opened for Any Other Business.
        No other business proposed.

This is an accurate account of the HUMBUG Special General Meeting 
9 / 11 / 96.

Andrae Muys.

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