SysAdmin Meeting 1/05/2010

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Opened at 15:30

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Very Brief Summary

This was quite possibly the first of it's kind. After some head banging that has been happening on the list it was good to have a face to face meeting. It tied in well with the Exec meeting that proceeded it.

Cutting Down The SSH Access

Russell asked about who should have ssh access into Execalibur. It was agreed that people like Mark Suter, Matthew Franklin and Mark Ellem need not have access. However they should still remain on the list.

Open Tickets

The issue of Open Tickets cam up. Russell wants to open tickets for issues relating to Alias, Zone, etc. He also wanted a new ticket setup for the new router/proxy server that we had just bought. It then moved onto how we deal with Open Tickets. Matthew and Stephen had discussed this prior to the meeting. Matthew agreed to watch the tickets and to note anything that wasn't being worked.


Russell requested that anything large things should be added to track as projects (Milestone). This would then be separated into set tasks which would be assigned to a ticket. Example the project Membership DB would have tasks like Online Payment system.

Clean up the DNS

There is a real problem with the DNS. We have a lot of stuff left over from previous years. Greg Black says we should send out a request to HGen asking if anyone has any zones that they would like to keep. If no then in one edit remove all the crud and clean it up. While we are doing that we might as well bring back the Bind serial number to the set standard. Year, Month, Day and Edit.

Membership DB

Various people are working on bits and pieces. We Have Stephen and James looking at a DB schema, Daniel looking at a Drupal plugin. Russell and Greg have been working on a payment gateway. The idea of using the Drupal plugin or just using Drupal was rejected by all. We discussed further about LDAP and James's scheme. LDAP is more of Brad's field. If Brad is willing to work on it then it would be a good idea from a Auth perspective. Russell talked about using Django for a DB wrapper. Stephen mentioned that he is using it at work and for real complicated DB queries it fails. Greg asked would we really be doing anything complicated. No. Russell said that Django also interfaces in with Google.

Version Control

Stephen suggested that people should start by committing to the version control then submitting it to server. Stephen said that we should only push what works and commit what is still in progress. Stephen is to update the wiki to do that. Russell says that it's easy to do local testing by using a vm so that should make life a bit easier.


The issue of having a doing backups came up. Greg asked should we pull full image backups from Excalibur or from Amazon. Russell said that we should pull full image backups from Excalibur as he gets charged for any transfers from and to Amazon. We are having problems with the backup system. Russell has looked into it and believes that it's due to a problem with mailman. Mailman contains a pickle. This appears to be way to big.

Future Meetings

The was a general agreement that this meeting had been a success. Russell put forward that we should hold a Sysadmin meeting after every Exec meeting.

Closed at 16:45