This page is dedicated to the talks that we have at HUMBUG. Talks generally are between 30min to an hour long. They often start at 6pm. We do sometimes get special guests coming to HUMBUG where they give a talk. On this page you will find a list of future and previous talks. The aim here is to provide you with extra information, like the slides used, to go with the talks that we have. We also hope in the future to provide video links of talks so that even if you don't attend you can still watch them.

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If you want to give a talk please read the "Talks Guide" below for further details.

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Man, Machine & Passwords

Russell Stuart

A look at the password problem

Members & Public welcome



OSDC debrief

Clinton Roy

A walk through of the Open Source Developers Conference

All attendees welcome



Introducing PAM Python

Russell Stuart

Writing PAM modules in Python



Using DVSwitch in Anger

Matthew Frankin

An explanation of how DVSwitch will be used to record the video for LCA


An introduction to OpenStreetMap

David Dean

OpenStreetMap is a worldwide project that creates and provides free maps to anyone who wants them. For a full description goto OpenStreetMap



The Joys of Gstreamer

Matthew Franklin

A summary of what it is and how to use it.



Libferris teaching filesystems new tricks

Ben Martin

libferris is a virtual file system (VFS) that runs in the user address space.

For Further information please goto


Debrief of Python Talks

Clinton Roy

A Brief Debrief of Python Talks from the Recent OSDC and PyCon Conferences

None at present. &

03/10/2009 (Date may change)

Haiku OS

Daniel Devine

Haiku OS is a new Operating System. Inspired by BeOS it is aimed at desktop user

None at present.


Easy Home Automation

Daniel Mashonkin

Creating home automation easily

None At Present

Home Automation with Linux


Bash. My top 10 tips and tricks in console

Daniel Mashonkin

Trips and Tricks for BASH

None at Present

This page covers Bash and includes Daniel's Tips and Tricks


Backups on Excalibur

Russell Stuart

Explain the backup system on Excalibur (This server)


Backups on Excalibur


BASH For Beginners

Matthew Franklin

A simple tutorial focusing on Basic BASH

None at Present

Bash for Beginners


LCA 2011 Bid Team Nominations

The Temp Bid Team

Nominations for positions on the Brisbane LCA 2011 Bid

None at Present

See Nominations are now closed.


Fedora, SPARC, spacewalk. An open source world.

Dennis Gilmore (Red Hat)

Dennis talks about his experiences in the USA at Red Hat

Torrent available through or here humbug16_05_09v2.ogg.torrent

Talks Guide

If you would like to present a talk at HUMBUG please email <admin AT lists DOT humbug DOT org DOT au>. We will need a brief description of what you want to talk about. Talks need to be less than an hour long. If we need to prepare equipment then we will need to know. The Talks Maintainer will assess the application and if it's good will give you a meeting date when you can present it. If it needs further work or is rejected we will contact you with the reasons.

Some suggested talk subjects:

However we will take any subject provided it within the scope of HUMBUG. These include any talks about Open Source, Unix, electronics, or anything else that might interest the HUMBUG members.

The Talks Sand Box

Are you interested in doing a talk? Don't know where to begin or how to get started? Then the SandBox is for you. Within the SandBox is a simple help guide to get you started and an area that you can place everything that you hope to talk about. When you're ready to give a talk, send an email to the exec giving a link to your wiki offshoot.


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