Willie Yeo

Email: <willie AT SPAMFREE singapore DOT com>

I'm an active member of Humbug from 1997 till 2002.

Initially, I ran NetBSD on Apple Macintoshes, and was one of the rare few not part of the Intel/AMD Linux/BSD mainstream users.

Notably, I was the one who was sick and tired of the AGMs not able to start on time due to the quorum being met. I was the person who initiated a change in section 5(k) of the Humbug Constitution to what it is in the present day.

Nowadays, I am a Gentoo Linux person.

Notable laughts: I got caught out by Brent Westley (then President of Humbug), when I was eating a piece of KFC chicken, when he asked "What are you compiling ?" and I said "I f**k'ed the kernel, and I have to recompile another one", and he said "You're eating it." ... I was dumbfounded only to realised he meant "Colonel" (as opposed to "kernel") as in reference to Colonel Sanders of KFC fame.

Never ask Bruce Campbell if he'd wants a piece of garlic bread (never again *sigh*), he comes and grabs the whole loaf. LOL.