LCA 2011 Competition



Humbug is a computer club based at UQ. We have bid to bring LCA to Brisbane over the last 3 years, and our 2011 bid won.

Why did we do this? Because Humbug is a group of people who think that computers and software are the best toys on the planet, and being paid heaps to make them do new tricks is an added bonus. Linux Conference Australia is one of the greatest meetings of people with similar minds on the planet. Just google worlds best linux conference and you will see what we mean. Going on previous years we are expecting around 700 people to attend, with a good portion of those flying in from overseas.


How to Enter

To enter, turn up to one of the Humbug Meetings.

You might like to turn up in time to listen in a talk while you are there. They start at 6 PM and usually run for about an hour. After the talks roving packs tend to form, looking for food to sustain them for the rest of the meeting.



Humbug will appoint the judges who have a strong history of contribution to open source. The prizes will be awarded at the judges sole discretion. One has already been selected:

The judges remit is to find the 3 students who will get the most out of attending LCA. They will be looking for people who:


About LCA 2011

At LCA 2011 you can expect: